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Money Secrets that Only The Smart Know
You have been working like clockwork for the last 5, 10, even 30 years, carefully saving money in the bank. But did you know that while you are saving money, you are actually losing money? In fact, "saving" only makes your money dropping value, ever so slightly, every minute. Do you remember how much candy cost when you were a kid? Even if you are only in your twenties, you will be able to see the changes. Sometimes you will even have a sharp intake of breath when you see something that used to only cost a quarter, or a dime, a nickel when you were a kid "all of a sudden" costs a whole dollar today. We call this inflation. The money in your pocket has less purchasing power than it used to.

That is not too much of a problem if you spend whatever your earn, as your monthly salary should roughly rise in line with inflation too (or... maybe it doesnt). But when you want to "save" money, it is a whole different ball game. Suddenly when you go to spend money that you have earned in the past - it is worth LESS than it was when you earned it! One dollar or Euro are still a dollar or a Euro, at face value, but...

It is true: The more money you put into your bank account, the more you lose. That is not very fair, is it? Now, you might be saying "What about interest?" Savings accounts usually pay out interest, but not even the best ones rise in line with inflation. Add to this that inflation is going up all the time, because central banks keep printing money! The more money in the economy, the less the other stuff is worth. They cal it quantitive easing, I call it devaluing your hard earned cash! If you want to work less and have an enjoyable retirement, you must save money in a way that DOES NOT lose value.
That means buying precious metals like Gold and Silver, thus "storing" your money that way.

Why gold and silver?
Simple, really. Precious metals hold value. They always have. Let us take a look at the facts.

An ounce of gold - Then and Now.
Ancient Rome Today
Finest Toga Tailored Suit
Silk Cord Hand Crafted Belt
Quality Leather Sandals Quality Leather Shoes
Table: 2000 years ago, a single ounce of gold could get you dressed in the best clothes money could buy. Today, an ounce of gold can do exactly the same.

A Quarter Silver Dollar - Then and Now
1960s Today
One gallon of gasoline One gallon of gasoline
Table: Today, same as yesteryear, 5.6g Quarter Silver Dollar ($0.25) could still buy you a gallon of gasoline. Today, the same face value copper-nickel-alloy coin "Quarter Dollar" ($0.25) can not buy you a cup of gasoline!

Imagine how little the hard earned dollars that you pile into the bank every month will buy you by the time you retire. Maybe not as much as you think. If you want to keep the money you have worked so hard for, and not lose a huge proportion of it to rising inflation, then you need a Gold and Silver Savings Plan. offers a multitude of savings plans that helps you own gold and silver in a private form. In your home, under your mattress, in your safe. In your hands. Through our savings programs, you can save from as little as 1BTC/week. Whenever you the amount of Bitcoins sent supercedes the price of the item you are saving for, we will convert (every workday) your bitcoins into that item, be it a coin or a bar. This allows you to take advantage of the cost averaging effect of both the bitcoin and your precious metal of choice.
We will personally oversee all saving plans accounts and will always be able to tell you exactly what you own. As soon as you have enough grams of gold or silver for the product you have selected, your product is shipped to you - you get physical possession of your gold and silver!

Take action and do everything you need to protect your savings right now, today.