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DHL national shipments can be tracked here.
DHL international shipments can be tracked here.
FedEx international shipments can be tracked here.
FedEx national shipments can be tracked here.
Please make sure you have entered date and time correctly. Sometimes the postal system needs a day or two to make the shipment go live in their system. Also note that for some countries, the shipping number also works on domestic systems (for example: the USPS also understands the DHL International tracking numbers).
Items can be shipped from the US only for orders exceeding USD1700 are handled as follows: You order from us and pay us, we order from a big wholesaler in the US and they ship to you via USPS or UPS/FedEx. This process is called "dropshipping" and saves on inventory costs as well as shipping cost. Two ounces of gold shipped from Europe to the US would require ~100EUR in insurance and shipping fee. In contrast, we can offer the same product at a better price to customers in the US, Canada, Australia, The UK, The Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Norway. Simply select "USA" from the left-hand dropdown menu. Please be aware that import duties, taxes and the like are your responsibility!
Items shipped from the EU are shipped by us from Berlin, Germany or from a wholesaler in Austria. We use DHL for orders under EUR500 and Intex/FedEx for orders above EUR500. We might sometimes split up an order into two or more shipments if the items are on hand, divisible and it makes sense economically. We may have to backorder items as we try to keep inventory as low as possible to reduce volatility exposure and save insurance cost.
We could obviously house a plethora of items for you. We have found, however, that most customers want the standard varietey of investment metals: Some gold bars, a choice of coins that will easily be converted back into cash with little friction. We are not for numismatists, we cater to those who want to secure their wealth in a way that is recognized as broadly as possible. However, if you desire something we do not have - do not hesitate to ask!
I ship as frequently as possible. FedEx pickup is once a week, and I sometimes need to acces my vault to stock up. Also, larger orders may need an extra day due to backordering.
All import duties and tax things are YOUR responsibility. However, hereis a quick rule-of-thumbish table for you. This table is in no way thought to be any official aid - just what superficial google-ing brought to day. Please contact your local customs authorities for details before ordering.

You are from shipping from and are buying thus paying...?
EU EU Gold & Silver no
EU US .999 Gold Coins no
EU US other Gold yes
EU US Silver yes
US US Gold & Silver no
US EU Gold & Silver no
CA NZ AU EU / US .999 Gold Coins no
CA NZ AU US other Gold and Silver yes

Do I have to ID myself?
No, but then - yes.
Orders exceeding EUR 15.000 will trigger the German Money Laundering Act which requires me to request a valid government issued ID from you (scan via eMail).
What does the shipping status mean??
BitPay BTC pending
Your payment has been seen by the system. We still need to wait until the transaction has been confirmed six times, at which point the payment will become complete.

BitPay BTC complete
Your payment is complete. We will now be able to process your order. This means in some cases, that we will open a dropship order at APMEX or proaurum Vienna - in some cases, we will backorder some items. In any case, your order is being processed. This may take up to a week, sometimes two, to change. You do not need to inquire, the status of your order will change in due time.

We have wrapped up your order. It is now awaiting pickup by FedEx or DHL. As soon as this has happened, your order status will change to shipped as soon as it is in the hands of the courier services.

Dropship order placed
We have placed your order with one of our suppliers who will ship to you.

Dropship order paid
We have paid your order with our dropshipper. The order will ship within one week. Please note that some dropshippers do not provice e-tracking. You will not receive further updates regarding your order until you receive your coins.

Your order has been shipped. If you are supplied a tracking number, you can use the sites above to track your shipment.