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22.03.2013 BitcoinCommodities brings you the best address shortener
To have Bitcoins is a fine thing, to send and receive them effortlessly is even better.

Sadly, bitcoin addresses are not at all human-friendly in their syntax, so remembering your is nigh impossible. Of course, when both receiving and sending party are equipped with mobile phones and connected to the web, a transactions can be as easy as show-and-click and it takes a little less than half a minute to go through the motions.

But what if I decide to leave my wallet at home? What if I do not even have a bitcoin app installed? What if I want to send you coin but you are not around?

The answer is (as of now, of course) obvious:, the end of all your bitcoin-address worries! It is easier than Monday Morning, if you excuse the pun: You just heat over to, plug your bitcoin address into the text field, hit the arrow and are rewarded with a short link much like this one: From now on, all you have to remember is your three-digit shortlink in case someone were to ever ask for your deposit address.

So now, whenever someone wants to send you a coin, you kindly inform them of your three-letter shortlink, they will load up the page and be able to either scan the QRcode or copypaste the address and send away.

But wait, there is more! Let us assume that you and some friends were out and you paid a particular restaurant bill you agreed to split up later. You can now send your friends a link that reminds them of the exact amount:
Becky had the salad and a diet coke, so you send her,
Tom had the Salami Pizza and a Heineken, so he owes you,
Josh and Casey (as always) split the seafood-platter and a bottle of Chardonnay and (as always) Josh is picking up the tab

So now it does not even matter WHEN your friends decide to send you bitcoin, because they will always be sending you the exact amount you need, regardless of price swings. The price is taken from BitPay and/or Of course, you can use whichever currency you like (as long as it exists), try the following:

Give 5€ to the Edward Snowden Defense Fund:
Give 7$ to Sean's Outpost:
Send 500 Rubel to the CECG Thoughtcrime Bookclub:

Then, go ahead and make plenty use of the service, that is what it is there fore. Cheers, Dennis at BitcoinCommodities