Shipping & Returns

By making a purchase, you agree to the following:
BitCoin Commodities
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will send you items according to your order.
You will receive a confirmation email.
We will not sell, rent, lease or otherwise give away your private information.
You may at any time request cancellation of your account to the store.
It is that simple.

According to article 312d par. 4 no. 6 BGB, precious metals are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Shipping outside Europe
We reserve the right to drop-ship APMEX products to your adress when you order from outside of continental Europe and/or the value of your order is greater than 500€. Our rates still apply, as does the

Insurance information
We only ship registerd and insured mail.
We may use a variety of courier services including, but not limited to: DHL, FedEx, Intex, Deutsche Post.
The basic fee for insurance is always included in the shipping costs.
All product prices will reflect this insurance fee by containing a 1.5% insurance fee.
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