1oz Vienna Philharmonics

Random year, uncirculated, in satchet.

The silver Vienna Philharmonic is a legal tender coin minted by the Austrian Mint in Vienna. This beautiful silver bullion coin was introduced in 2008. It offers the option of owning silver denominated in the euro (€1.5) and the security of owning .999-fine silver.

The silver Philharmonic is struck at the Austrian Mint, established in 1194 in order to strike silver paid in ransom for the release of England’s Richard the Lionhearted.

Austria’s Duke Leopold V had captured the English monarch as Richard attempted to pass through the area undetected after a falling out during the Crusades. For more than 800 years the Austrian Mint has been internationally famous for producing exceptional coins.

The silver Philharmonic utilizes the same basic design of one of the most gorgeous and coveted of all modern gold bullion coins, inspired by the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. A harmonious design of musical instruments from the Orchestra adorns the reverse of the coin. The great organ in the Golden Hall in Vienna's Musikverein is pictured on the obverse.

Also featured on this side are the weight and year of issue. Struck in .999-fine silver, it is the first silver bullion coin to be denominated in euros, bearing a stated value of €1.50.

Quantities of 20 and multiples thereof coins will be shipped in tubes. Single coins will be shipped in protective satchets.

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