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A Gold or silver savings account is a MUST today!
Why is that?
It's simple, really... As governments print more and more paper currency, the purchasing power of money in your pocket is on its way down. As this happens, the paper money you have tucked away in an ordinary bank account is actually losing its relative value. We describet this as inflation.

So how does a gold and silver savings account help you?
Firstly, it's important to understand that Gold and Silver have, for thousands of years, been the most lasting forms of tangible, true material wealth. However, for most of that time, private ownership of gold and silver has been reserved for the financial elite. The rising prices of gold and silver only tell us that inflation is sharpening. The money we're using every day is undoubtedly losing value. With central banks printing money, paper currencies lose value with each and every day.
We all see inflation around us. When the government prints money, this inflates the money supply into the system. It ultimately leads to the cost of goods going up - the cost of living goes up as well.

A Gold And Silver Savings Account: Retaining Value In Any Economy
Gold and Silver are more stable than paper currency. Investing in gold and silver is one of the best options you have. When you understand the life cycle of money, you understand the need to have Gold and Silver as hedges against inflation and its effects. Gold and Silver retain their buying power. Gold and Silver have held value and protected people from every form of inflation and financial crises throughout history.

Here is What An Ounce Of Gold Buys
Ancient RomePresent Day
Finest TogaCustom Tailored Suit
Hand Crafted BeltHand Crafted Belt
Quality Leather SandalsQuality Leather Shoes
2000 years ago, a single ounce of gold could finely dress a person. Today, an ounce of gold can finely dress a person, as can be seen in the table above.

Here is What A Quarter Dollar used to buy
1960s5.6g of Silver = 1 Gallon Of Gasoline
Present Day5.6g of Silver = 1 Gallon Of Gasoline
In the 1960s, an American quarter contained 5.6g or silver, and could buy you a gallon of gasoline. Today, 5.6g of silver can still buy you a gallon of gasoline, but US$0.25 cannot buy you a cup of gasoline.
100 years ago, an ounce of silver could buy you a meal. Today, an ounce of silver can still buy you a meal.

A gold or silver savings account will protect you wherever you may be, by hedging your wealth against inflation. Inflation is a global phenomenon. The reason for this is that it is happening to the world's reserve currency. All other currencies are pegged against the US dollar. In effect, nations around the world hold the US dollar as reserves to issue against, for their own currencies into their systems. On a national level, inflation starts out as a good thing: you think yo are getting wealthy! As abundant amounts od money flow into the system via different investment areas, this influx results in economic bubbles, as we have recently witnessed in real estate and stocks. No one questions the beginning of inflation. When it gets towards the final stages though, people start wondering what inflation is. Inflation has been present for thousands of years; from the early Roman empires, to the early Egyptian empire, to present day. It has ALWAYS had the same result; it ends very badly for those who are not educated about it, and are therefore not prepared for it.

You cannot change economics at a national level, but you can change things at an individual level. Start by knowing the truth: Private ownership of gold and silver is the only way to protect yourself in an inflationary environment.

How A Gold And Silver Savings Account Protects You

Gold and silver have been money for thousands of years. Their inherent value is based on man's labour. Paper money is not based on labour; governments can print unlimited amounts of paper currency into the system. Gold and silver cannot be printed. Labour produces wealth. Gold and silver fit this, but paper currency does not fit this. This is why humans have always chosen gold or silver as money. That coupled with the fact that it is important as an insurance or form of protection against inflation. Gold is also one of the most liquid assets; it can buy you anything and can be converted to cash easily.

It's not just a matter of owning gold and silver however.
Having a gold and silver savings account, or any bullion holding where you have government bullion coins, may not cut it either. This is an area of misunderstanding for a lot of people. Government bullion coins are issued under the coinage act of the respective government issuing the gold and silver bullion coins in question. You are ultimately the bearer of those bullion coins, and the particular government is the outright owner. What you want with your gold and silver savings account is outright ownership; this gives you maximum protection against confiscation of your gold and silver bullion. The generationally wealthy have always owned gold and silver; it's the foundation of their wealth. For thousands of years, saving in silver and gold has been a secret of the financially elite, for guarding themselves and their wealth against inflation. Gold and silver have always protected the financially elite against every form of downfall. Having a gold and silver savings account with assets in the right form helps position you correctly in the days ahead. The right gold and silver savings account can help you take part in the largest financial and wealth transfer in all of history (and history says its coming). With many different product offerings in the realm of gold and silver savings accounts, BitcoinCommodities offers a savings plan that helps you own gold and silver in a private form; gold and silver that meets the maximum benefits test.
Through these savings programs, individuals can save a fixed amount of BTC at their chosen interval, from as little as 1BTC/week; this is automatically converted into grams of gold and/or silver (depending on what object you want to save for) at the day's bullion metal price.

You also get to control and manage your account. As soon as you have enough grams of gold or silver for the product you have selected, your product is shipped to you - that's physical possession of your gold and silver.
Build real wealth that won't be lost through inflation. You are taking part in the greatest wealth transfer in history. One way or the other, you are involved.

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