Savings Plan: 10x1g Silver Bars

Savings Plan: 10x1g Silver Bars
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  • leave a comment regarding shipping intervals
  • start sending BTC to the adress provided
  • watch the progress on http://blockexplorer.com/address/[adress]
  • wait for your coins in the mail for physical possession

We recommend sending at least 1 BTC / day for this savings plan.
We will always be able to tell you your current balance in silver or gold, feel free to inquire!
Whenever a single shipment is due, we will custom calculate shipping expenses and insurance to offer you lowest cost possible. Shipping cost will be deducted from your deposits.
You may always request immediate shipment.
If you do not specify an interval ("every x grams"), we sill ship every time the value of your savings reaches 500€.

Read more about the whys and hows here: Savings Plans - Why?
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