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1 x 10x 1oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin
1 x 1oz Gold Britannia .916
1 x 10x 1oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin
1 x 10x 1oz Krugerrand Gold Coins
1 x 1/10oz Gold Britannia 999.9
1 x 1/4oz Gold Nugget / Kangaroo
1 x 20g Kinebar
1 x 5g Kinebar
1 x 10g Kinebar
1 x 1oz Kinebar
1 x 1 Pound Gold Sovereign
1 x 2g Kinebar
1 x 1 Tube Silver Maple Leafs
1 x 1 Tube Silver Philharmonics
1 x 3g Gold China Panda
1 x 15g Gold China Panda
1 x 30g Gold China Panda
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10g gold bar


10g gold bar
10 grams of gold, miscellaneous manufacturers. Please note: The sample image above shows a blister, this bar might not come in a blister as we will deliver on-hand items only.

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This article can be shipped via DHL/FedEx from Europe